My name is Songezo Malangeni and I have been appointed as the new Deputy Head at The Ridge School. The prospect of serving this School’s future is a great honour. My portfolio will include teaching Senior Primary boys, leading thinking and action around  Social Justice, Community Building and Well-Being as well as executively overseeing the appointment and performance of our School’s new Director of Sport (who will begin with us next term).  

I am a graduate from Rhodes University where I also completed my Postgraduate Diploma in Education.  
My leadership experiences are wide: From being part of leading student residence structures to being an avid sportsman/leader. I have played extensive and effective leadership roles around Transformation, Diversity and Inclusion at three schools. In my last school, I was Head of School.

I am a humanitarian who is passionate about respectfulness, developing non-wounding schools and driving social justice cultures. The Jakes Gerwel Foundation recently recognised the impact of my work by inviting me to speak about commitments to and action around these values. I find joy in serving educational communities. I am measured and intentional about aligning people to an educational vision using fair, pragmatic ways to  ensure we can achieve greater good for all.

I am a seasoned educator who, amongst other teaching experiences (including being a Grade 12 IEB History Sub Examiner), has experience teaching at Grades 4-7 level. I hope to bring fruition to our vision of a cohesive, just, school that is proudly and effectively committed to well-being. 

My commitment to the Ridge is an attitude of “low on ego and high on delivery”. I look forward to my journey at the Ridge and  I am committed to doing all I can to further build what we want our school to mean to our boys. I look forward to ensuring that I make a valuable contribution.


It is wonderful to be back in a Grade 1 Classroom at The Ridge school, as a locum for 2023. It is 50 years since I matriculated and how special (for me) to be celebrating the year with Grade 1 and the colleagues I taught with, at different times, in the 18 years I spent at the Ridge.

I retired at the end of 2018, and I am thrilled at the opportunity to be back at The Ridge School, engaging with charming boys and friendly, welcoming staff.

I have been involved with The Ridge School since 1992. Firstly, as a parent and then as a Grade 1 teacher commencing in June 2000. I studied at Cape Town Teacher’s College in the 70’S, Wits  in the 80’s and UJ in 2010/2011.

Many things have changed but the essence of The Ridge School, being acceptance, kindness and joy, remains constant. I see enough familiar faces on the campus to feel right at home. The folks that are new to me have also made me feel part of the Ridge family, with offers of assistance and more importantly a ready smile.
Thank you for the opportunity to be back in the classroom at The Ridge School for 2023.


Tshepiso Mogale, hailing from Dinokana – a small village in Zeerust (North-West Province) is a passionate and enthusiastic educator who believes that education is one of the greatest, if not the greatest route to equality and balance in life.
Having grown up in the education system, with both parents working at Blairgowrie Primary School, his passion and dedication for teaching was inevitable. Tshepiso started his journey as a coach at the very same school his parents are employed and thereafter started pursuing his dream of teaching.

Like most people, he faced several trials and tribulations, but managed to persevere and overcome these adversities to complete his studies with the University of South Africa (UNISA). This being only the beginning, as he is hoping to acquire his Honours degree before the end of 2024.

As most educators would agree, he believes that educators should constantly examine their teaching methods and find new ways of creating an environment which will maximize his/her learners learning.

Tshepiso’s greatest belief is that education is not just the responsibility of the learner but consists of three parts. The learner, the educator, and the parents. When these three entities work in unison, the learners schooling career is guaranteed to prosper.


I was born into a family of educators from university lecturers to nursery school teachers. To this day, I strongly believe that I am fulfilling my destiny of being a teacher.
The best educators in the room are the children as they speak with innocence and curiosity. We should learn from them as much as we guide them in the development of knowledge and skills. I am motivated and enthusiastic about creating a positive and productive learning atmosphere.
Teaching doesn’t have to happen in a classroom. As many of my role models were my sports coaches and drove me to live my passion by being active on the sports field. Today in my personal life, my sport field is a crossfit box. When I’m not doing deadlifts, I enjoy a good book about magic and adventure.

My career started off at De La Salle Holy Cross College where I learnt valuable skills while obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Education at the University of Johannesburg. Once qualified, I taught a variety of subjects including Business Studies and History. An opportunity arose at the primary school boys where I would be allowed to help implement Project Based Learning and teaching Mathematics. This was when I realised that I wanted to help set the foundation for learning.

My educational interests lie in Mathematics, History, Geography and on the sports field.

“A man is never as big as when he is on his knees to help a child,” Pythagoras.


I am Loyiso Mashawa, 35 years old and born on the 31 of January 1988. I am from a suburb called Summerstrand, in a coastal friendly city called Gqeberha (previously known as Port Elizabeth), Eastern Cape. I am a single Xhosa man who is the oldest of two siblings with no children. I speak three languages fluently, Afrikaans, English and Xhosa and I attended Afrikaans medium schools namely St. Teresa’s Roman Catholic Primary School and DF Malherbe High School, where I matriculated in 2005.

After taking a gap year in 2006, I joined Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU), now known as Nelson Mandela University (NMU) in 2007, where I completed my Bachelor of Education (Further Education and Training Phase), specializing in Economics, Business Studies and Mathematical Literacy. Thereafter I kicked off my post qualification career with lecturing commerce modules at TVET colleges and subsequently joined mainstream primary school class teaching, mostly responsible for the Afrikaans medium classes.

In 2017 I joined Eros Special School for Leaners with Cerebral palsy and other learning barriers in Cape Town, teaching Mathematical Literacy and Life Orientation to grades 10 and 11. In 2020 I joined Westview Special School of Skills in Gqeberha, teaching English Home and Afrikaans Additional Languages, Life Skills and Maths. I also had the responsibility of being Head of Year 4 Maths until the end of 2022.

I have now joined The Ridge family as the Learning Support Specialist in the Senior Primary and I’ll be working with Grade 4 English and Maths. I wish to be a team player in developing holistic citizens out of our boys and project only positivity into their lives.


I have always known that I am passionate about collaborative learning. My love for Public Speaking and Drama, which manifested from a young age, became the foundation upon which I came to appreciate the art of communication. Growing up in a big Italian family, my fondest memories were those in which we sat around the table, enjoying a meal and talking about our day. It was here where I came to realise that language is a powerful tool-a social tool- one that allows us to form deep connections with others and keeps us up to date with global trends. I graduated with a Degree in Speech Therapy and Audiology in 2018. As a qualified Speech-Language Therapist, with experience in both the preschool context and private practice, I value the roles that hearing and speaking play in the foundation of a child’s education. Inspired by the excitement and power of collaborative thinking that came to light in my group therapy sessions, I enrolled in my Post-Graduate Degree in Education in the Foundation Phase with the dream of becoming a teacher.

I truly resonate with the ethos of The Ridge School and I, too, strive to nurture a generous spirit and responsible character. I believe that learning must be child-centered and, as educators, we must strive to foster intrinsic motivation and meaningful learning across the boys’ busy school day. I am excited to be joining The Ridge School community and look forward to what 2023 holds.


My name is Angella Mathekga, I have one older brother and one younger sister. I have two children, Innocent 28 and Bonolo 13. I was born and raised in Johannesburg on the East Rand in a township called Thokoza.

How I came to a teaching profession? This is where I know God’s merciful hand has been upon me. My contract had just ended with IEC after 1994 voting was over, my sister-in-law was going on maternity leave and she asked if I would be interested in taking her class until the headmistress found a suitable qualified replacement for the position. She was taking care of 2-3 year olds at Sheilagh’s place in Craighall Park.

I stayed at Sheilagh’s place for eight years. I left Sheilagh’s to join a colleague who had opened her play school called The Little Tree House in Bordeaux and I worked there for six years. I then decided to try au pairing and found a job with the R-C family. This family not only showed me “Ubuntu” but their love, support and kindness which still  humbles me.

Through working for the R-C family I met Felicity Dempster the previous owner of The Parks Pre-Primary School. This lady took me back to school at the tender age of 42, Mrs Dempster’s generosity and love for education is unmatched. She paid for my studies and I stayed at The Parks as an intern for four years. While at The Parks in the morning I continued to au pair for the R-C family in the afternoons. The two boys are now at The Ridge school, where I met another phenomenal lady Mrs Mandy Herold. She received an email to help me complete my studies which required that I did teaching practicals with Grade 0-3. Mandy did not hesitate, and brought me on board in 2021 as an intern in order  to complete the degree. I worked with the lovely Grade 2 team. 2022 saw me working with an incredible Grade 3 team as a co-teacher. Oh, the valuable lessons I learnt in these two years. Finally, 2023 I am a Grade 0 teacher. It still has not sunk in yet, but I’m loving every second I spend with my Grade noughties.

In my culture we say “it takes a village to raise a child”. It certainly took a village of super humans to get me where I am today, and I’m sincerely and humbly grateful.



Today we gather to bid farewell to a true legend, Bennie du Preez, who has been an integral part of The Ridge School since 2007. Bennie’s contributions to the school have been immeasurable, and he will be missed dearly by boys, parents, and staff alike.

As Director of Sport, Bennie brought his vast knowledge and experience to the position and managed to elevate the sporting program at The Ridge to new heights. His passion for sport was evident in everything he did, and his dedication to ensuring that boys had the opportunity to excel in their chosen sports was truly inspiring.

Not only was Bennie a skilled sportsman, but he was also a dedicated teacher who taught Maths, Afrikaans, and LO. His commitment to his students was evident in the way he engaged with them both inside and outside the classroom, and he was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that they received the best education possible.

Bennie’s achievements extend beyond the classroom and sporting fields. He holds a LDP from WITS, which demonstrates his commitment to personal and professional growth. As a Ridge community, we will miss Bennie’s knowledge, expertise, and dedication to the sport department and the school as a whole, it is for these qualities that he is a respected and valuable member of staff at The Ridge, and a recognisable figure in ISASA schools.   

Bennie’s tours were legendary, and he was always up for an adventure. We have shared many great memories and moments of laughter during our travels, and his presence will be sorely missed on future tours. His passion for sport and his infectious enthusiasm will always be remembered. Bennie created an environment which supported and encouraged prep school sport and in doing so, built a culture of inclusivity and ensuring that every boy has an opportunity to shine.

We know that Bennie sacrificed much of his family time to ensure that sport could be run at a superior level at The Ridge school, and for that, we are eternally grateful. We are confident that Bennie’s legacy will continue to inspire future generations of boys, and we will work tirelessly to build upon the relationships he has forged with the school’s stakeholders.

Bennie was also a great friend to many of us, always ready to lend a listening ear or a helping hand. And as we say goodbye to Bennie, we do so with heavy hearts but also with gratitude for the time we have spent with him. We thank him for his unwavering dedication to The Ridge school, his boys, and his colleagues. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors and hope that he will keep in touch with the many friends he has made here. Goodbye, Bennie, and thank you for everything.

Oh Director of Sport, your time with us is through

At The Ridge School, where we’ve all learned so much from you

With your whistle in hand, you led us every day

Encouraging us to give our best in every way

You nurtured young talent with passion and care

Helping each student to go beyond and dare

Your cheeky sense of humour and generous smile will stay with us forevermore

Now we say farewell and walk through a brand new door

Your dedication to our teams, both big and small

Was the guiding light that helped us all

From early mornings to late afternoons

Your energy and passion were in full bloom

The memories of games, wins and losses alike

Will always be with us, like a shining light

The skills you taught us, the encouragement you gave

Will be with us on every field, every game, every wave

As we move forward, we carry your legacy with pride

We know that the lessons you taught us will never subside

Farewell dear Director of Sport, you’ll always be

A beloved part of our school’s history, our memory

So as we say goodbye, we wish you the best

May your future endeavors bring you joy, and rest

And though we’ll miss you dearly, we know you’ll never be far

For your influence and inspiration will always be our guiding star

You’ve inspired us to be the best we can be

To push ourselves to achieve and break free

From limitations we once thought we had

You showed us that with hard work, we could be glad

And so, as we bid you farewell and goodbye

We thank you for the moments, the memories, the high

For all that you’ve done, for all that you’ve been

We are forever grateful, to have had you as our kin.


Rory Steyn, a Ridge Old Boy, has been awarded Music Colours at Michaelhouse. We are very proud of you and your accomplishment.

We’d like to congratulate Ridge Old Boy William Mills on receiving both the Luke Potter Award and the Headmaster’s Certificate of Recognition. William has turned his passion for cycling into a successful Cycling Academy with a group of 12 riders. Over the years, he has worked tirelessly to develop a truly remarkable programme for cyclists to keep them motivated and at the top of their game. Continue your excellent work, we are proud of you.

Well done to William Mills who recently represented the South African team for the African Continental Track Championships, held in Cairo, Egypt from 5 to 9 March.
William competed in four Junior (U18) events, winning gold in the team pursuit, silver in each of the elimination and madison events, and a close fourth in the scratch race.
The championship featured 12 teams from across Africa, the closest competition coming from Algeria, Egypt, and Nigeria. This event served as a qualifier for the World Championships to be held in Cali, Colombia in August. Congratulations William on these amazing results.

Matthew Maccelari (class of 2016) received his national canoeing colours at the Gauteng Canoe Union awards ceremony on Saturday, January 2nd. At the same award ceremony, Asher Wilson received the Gauteng “Novice Junior Champ” trophy for the 2021 season, Benjamin and Edward Carmichael shared the “Novice Junior Champ” trophy for the 2022 season.


What an incredible start to the year 2023 has been. There is a renewed energy and optimism in the air that is so tangible that one can almost touch it.

I would like to this oppurtunity to thank Mr Rumboll for his leadership and direction in leading the school. His enthusiasm has proven to be infectious for both staff and boys. His child-centred approach and deep belief that education needs to be lifelong, but most importantly an enjoyable experience has been one that the community has embraced. This is something that speaks to the values and ethos, of our school.

I believe that we are on the right track to achieving our goal of creating a school and environment that is inclusive, diverse and offers academic excellence in a holistic manner. We have been intentional in the hiring of staff that are aligned with the school’s vision, staff who display professionalism and most importantly staff who are committed to educating our boys in their entirety.

The term, as is so often the case has been jam-packed from start to finish. We enjoyed some of our firm favourites such as the Lumo Dance, which always brings the community together under a fluorescence of family and laughter.

This year the PA team in their wisdom decided to host the Night Run on site. This proved to be an inspired choice and added hugely to solidifying our commitment to family and community engagement.

A myriad of characters graced our quad as the boys brought along their favourite books to school, so that they could immerse themselves in the magic of reading. The Reading Breakfast forms part of the hidden curriculum, and it affords both parents and staff the opportunity to model lifelong learning in a relaxed, fun environment.

A personal highlight for the term were the senior soirees. I am always in such awe of our young men that get up on stage and perform in front of an audience. It has been said “Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies.” “Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.” “Where words fail, music speaks.” “Music is the universal language of mankind.” And for this reason, I would encourage our boys to keep playing and enriching those around them through their musical gifts and talents.

We were fortunate to host one of the Chatterbox speech competitions at The Ridge this term. I am pleased to note that this was one of the biggest events for the term, with nine schools participating and over ninety speakers on the evening. This proved to be a huge success and afforded us the opportunity to showcase our school and provide a platform for the learners to hone in on their public speaking skills.

We strive, as best we can to truly “ Know and Grow” your boys. This being at the forefront of what we do, we introduced the self-reflection form based on The Ridge School values, whereby the boys take time to reflect on their progress from novice to master.

If we are to be a school, that is intentional in producing “men of significance” a school that is forward thinking, a school that is in touch with the demands and needs of our learners, we need to listen.

We need to listen to understand, and with this in mind we created a Social Justice Committee. This committee serves as a vehicle whereby the boys can be seen and heard, their issues raised and interrogated in an environment that is structured, dignified and transparent.

The drive for inquiry-based learning is something that we drive intentionally and the PBL programme is one such subject that we use to drive this learning. From trips to the zoo, to creating vegetable gardens, hands on learning and real-life experiences always prove to be an invaluable experience.

Integrated learning, whether between subjects or grades serves as a powerful tool for collaborative learning. The grade four year group conducted a Phonics Easter egg hunt, with the grade threes. The grade threes had an opportunity to provide clues phonetically whilst the older boys mentored and assisted with the treasure hunt.

Whilst winning at all costs can never be our goal, and we push sportsmanship, comraderies and multi-faceted involvement across all sporting codes. It was pleasing to note that, our boys acquitted themselves admirably on the fields and in the pool, but more importantly conducted themselves in a manner in which they can be proud.

Unfortunately for every beginning there needs to be an end. For the new families that have joined us, I wish you a most enjoyable journey with us. For the families leaving, remember you will always be a part of our family and we wish you the best on you new adventure, whilst thanking you for the fabric you laid in our Golden Thread.

It would be hugely remise of me not to mention Mr du Preez. This to a man, that presided over the schools sporting programme for over a decade. Mr du Preez is a man ahead of his time, a head of sports that looked at our boys holistically and wanted them to grow, holistically in their love and appreciation for sports. But more than that he was a faithful servant and a good man, and we wish him all the best and hope that his time in education is not entirely over.

I hope you take this break to connect with family, recharge and reflect on what it is that brings you, and your loved ones joy and happiness.

By Nico Seakamela


The Junior Prep department has experienced an excellent start to 2023. We welcomed five new staff members to our team of teachers. Miss Angella Mathekga and Miss Georgina Dougall in Grade 0. Mrs Shultz has returned to Grade 1 for the year while Mrs McWilliams takes time off to be Mum to Max. Miss Rodwell has joined us in Grade 2 and Mrs Burkett joined the Grade 3 team. The energy these women have injected into our Junior Prep team and the lives of the boys in their care has been wonderful and we congratulate them on a very successful first term. Miss Keene (now Mrs Webster) and Reece were married on the 18th of March. It has been such fun celebrating this union with them and we wish them a long and happy life together. 

The First Term has been full of fun! With firm favourites such as the Lumo Dance and the Neon Night Run on the calendar, The Ridge community did not hold back when getting their ‘neon on’. These festive occasions serve as a reminder of the wonderful people we are surrounded by. Thank you to the PA representatives, sponsors, and volunteers for all the hard work that goes into making these events possible. 

The newest members of our school, the Grade 0s wasted no time getting into rehearsal mode in preparation for Grandparents Day. Lots of hard work, practising songs, actions and moves, culminated in a fantastic concert which was enjoyed by Grandparents from near and far. The boys were most excited about being able to show off their classrooms in The Parker block and showcase the hard work they have been doing. The Grade 0 Mums produced a delicious spread which was devoured! Thank you to the Grade 0 team and Mrs Ackermann for your incredible patience and enthusiasm that made the day such a success. 

The Junior Prep Choir has grown significantly this year to include the Grade 2s. The boys meet with Mrs Morrick early every Thursday morning and practise a variety of songs. You know the boys are enjoying it when you hear them quietly singing to themselves in the corridors long after choir is over. We were treated to their first public performance at our final Junior Prep assembly this term and what a treat it was!

 To celebrate World Book day, we had our annual Reading Breakfast. I am always so impressed by the creativity and thought that goes into to the character outfits that arrive at school and any excuse to spend some time reading is quality time! Thank you Ms McLellan for always putting so much thought and consideration into this fun family event. 

On the sporting front, busy could be considered an understatement. Our Grade 2 boys have played in three different friendly Mini Cricket matches against our brother schools this term. For the boys, a highlight of these fixtures is often the bus trip to the various venues (St Peter’s being a favourite as it offers a longer journey) but for me the joy has been not only to watch the skills developing in our young boys, but the comradery on and off the field that our Ridge Boys have displayed on every outing, both at home and away. I feel so proud to watch them living The Ridge values beyond our campus gate. The Grade ’s have really stepped up to the challenge of more competitive school sport. They too have displayed all The Ridge Right Stuff during their fixtures and have enjoyed many Cricket games and Galas this term. Keep it up boys! 

At The Ridge, learning happens way beyond the four corners of the classroom. Our boys have been lucky to experience a plethora of outings and themed days this term. The Grade 0’s engaged in many happy Fridays celebrating the letter of the week. Their activities have ranged from making iced tea, to baking and dressing up as pirates for the day. Again I must reiterate the incredible commitment and patience shown by their teachers and our amazing Speech and Language Therapists, Retha and Azeemah. The Grade 1s enjoyed an outing to Garden World, and they came home with many exciting stories and new learnings. 

As is tradition, the Grade 2s invited their parents to make pancakes with them to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. It is always a happy day when the halls are filled with the delicious smell of pancakes. The Grade 2s also enjoyed an outing on The Big Red Bus Tour. They covered a lot of ground from Zoo lake to Melrose, Silvia’s Pass, Constitution hill and Gold Reef City, to name a few places! Their teachers commented on their impeccable behaviour and respect shown to the City and its people, throughout the outing. Well done boys! 

There is never a dull moment in Grade 3 when you are celebrating Mr Men day, Pirate Day and Pancake Day. The boys also had the opportunity to visit the Hope School down the road to engage in some shared reading and welcomed the St Katharine’s girls to The Ridge for a joint Easter breakfast celebration. Such gentlemen! 

You might be wondering when these boys actually have time to sit down at their desks? Well, our teachers have engaged them in some exciting project-based learning initiatives this term. The Grade 2 boys redesigned the school bathrooms and built prototypes to demonstrate their designs. I love this approach to teaching and learning. It is a wonderful way to involve the boys so that they are able to engage in teamwork, honing their negotiation and collaborative skills, problem solving and gaining a real sense of ownership in the process. I am so proud of how the teachers in the Junior Prep are embracing such innovative and dynamic approaches that are boy centred and fun. Thank you, ladies!

By now I am sure that you are well acquainted with the Happy Chappie! Each week in the Junior Primary assembly a Grade 3 boy’s name is drawn out of a Ridge floppy hat. That boy is gifted with a Happy Chappie t-shirt for the week. Following the assembly he must take time to reflect on what happiness means to him and how he can share happiness in his community, both at home and at school. The next week he reports back on his experience. This wonderful initiative has taken something we take for granted and positioned it at the forefront of our minds and what a ripple effect it is having! Thank you Mr Malangeni for always making sure you are available to share in the joy of Happy Chappie at our assemblies and for putting Happy back on our radar! 

This term we collected our ‘task money’ in support of The Ridge Rhinos. By all accounts our boys have been extremely helpful and productive on the home front because together they have raised a whopping R6000. Incredible! 

Wow! And that is only the first term! What a wonderful privilege it is for me to be a part of this Junior Prep. Thank you to all the parents for your continued support of your boys, your willingness to get on board and cheer them on. They are so lucky to have you! Happy Holidays. 

By Holly Ferrar


The Ridge School has begun the year extremely positively and there’s been a definite buzz around academics. Many new staff memebers have joined us and have contributed to the enthusiasm and energy whilst experienced Ridge staff have upheld practices that have contributed to academic excellence in the past.

I have taken over academic responsibilities from Mr Seakamela in the Senior Prep. In pursuit of excellence, there has been a focus on putting structures in place to ensure accountability and excellence in curriculum and teaching. These are essential elements in achieving a curriculum and offering that is cutting edge and positions Ridge boys to meet the challenges of the knowledge economy. 

As a staff, we have interrogated several practices with a focus on curriculum, assessment and differentiation. Staff are required to use a curriculum filter to guide the choice of content and teaching methodologies for the extended curriculum. 

We have discussed our modes of assessment and will be working on a more holistic manner of assessing that is multi modal. So instead of a teacher assessing just at the end of a module for example, a boy may have to do any number of things such as: skills check through quizzes, rough drafts, notes, mind maps/thinking skills map/essay/oral feedback/summary/interview/peer assessment/self reflection/creative assessment. Whilst we will still be having some exams in Grades 6 and 7, other subjects have chosen alternative forms of assessment such as a morning when boys are given a series of tasks that culminate in a final presentation and is assessed by a panel of people. The format of the reports will change to reflect the changes in assessment. For example, we have a section of self reflection. Here, boys evaluate themselves in the categories of Novice, Apprentice and Master according to The Ridge attributes and values.

In an endeavour to provide more personalised, differentiated learning we have focused on implementing rotation stations as a method of teaching and learning. This methodology affords the opportunity for a teacher  to meet with a small group of students allowing for mini-lessons that are personalised and differentiated. There is opportunity for targeted remediation and enrichment. It is in keeping with our learner centred approach. 

The Homework Policy has been revised and placed on the School App. and other academic policies are being reviewed. 

We aim to develop boys who are, “successfully intelligent” (Robert J Steinberg). Boys do this by developing skills that are “creative, analytical, practical, and wisdom-based”.  The pilot projects of P4C, PBL and RidgUp are examples of ways in which we are able to implement this approach. The teaching approaches in these programmes are being extended for use in other subjects.  Our Grade 5 PBL driving question this term has been “How might we teach children to look after the environment?” There are a variety of mini-projects within this but it will culminate in the boys creating eco-friendly gardens and teaching the Grade 3s about what they have learnt.

Staff Professional Development (PD) continues on a weekly basis. In addition, staff are attending conferences and webinars in accordance with our needs and their personal professional growth plans. Staff are making progress in using the PD platform PurpleZa to enhance their teaching skills. This term’s focus has been on learning the methodology of inquiry used in Project Based Learning (PBL). Each staff member has been involved in developing their own project.

The International Benchmark Tests (IBTs) are an internationally administered programme of assessments in English, Mathematics and Reasoning Skills that benchmark student performance against a broad, international cohort of students. 

The Ridge School performed above average both internationally and nationally. Both internationally and nationally, in some areas, our boys performed significantly above national and international norms.

We will be undergoing a whole school evaluation by the new accreditation body of ISASA, OISESA (Office of Independent Schools Evaluations, Southern Africa) which will provide valuable feedback on areas in which we can improve. 

We will continue to strive for excellence and to be thought leaders in terms of our academic offering.

By Glynnis Moore


“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Plato

This quote is written on a plaque outside of our Music Department and it is an important inspiration to all who learn and work there.

Our department has had a fabulous term of showcases and the boys have once again outshone themselves at each opportunity. The boys have prepared well and continue to develop their skills and add joy to all who share in their progress.

Our Senior Choir and Senior Orchestra camps were a great success and gave us a great springboard for the rest of the year.

We were privileged to host the special Ash Wednesday Service with St Katharine’s and APPS once again. This beautiful service was complemented by the combined choir of over 230 boys and girls singing together on the steps of the Hersov field. We welcomed parents to this event and shared the love of community with our three schools.

The Grade 2 boys who have just recently begun their musical journeys performed for their classmates and presented what they have been learning this term.

The Senior Orchestra and the Grade 6 Marimba Band showcased their exceptional talents at the Kingsmead Ensemble Festival. It was wonderful to share the joy of music once again alongside other schools, including Redhill Junior School, Holy Rosary and St Andrews school for girls. The boys represented The Ridge well and our Marimbas most certainly gave an energetic performance.

This term the Grade 3 Music Assembly was a huge success, and we are very proud of all the boys who performed for the Junior Prep.

This year the Grade 2 and 3 boys in the Junior Choir gave an incredible performance in a Junior Prep Assembly. This choir has grown from strength to strength since the start of the year and we look forward to watching them continue to shine in the year ahead.

The Senior Soirees are always such a special time for the senior boys to showcase their talents. This terms Soirees were of an incredible standard, and we congratulate the boys on their hard work and thank the music teachers who help guide the boys on their musical journeys. The Jazz band also performed at the Grade 6 and 7 Soiree this term and brought a vibey, fun energy to their performance.

Our Easter service was super special and included items from the Senior Orchestra, Senior Choir, Amtoti Choir and Junior Choir as we celebrated together as a school community.

It has been a successful term for the Music Department and we look forward to what the rest of the year holds!

By Carol Ackermann


2023 Started off with a very busy sporting schedule considering that we have Basketball, Cricket, Swimming and Water Polo as the core sporting codes and then also Climbing and Canoeing all happening on a weekly basis.

We have had a good start to the year with some wonderful results and performances. Our boys have really looked the part and represented their school with pride and received a number of compliments regarding appearance and behavior. We will continue to maintain this positive start to the year, continuously reminding and encouraging our boys to be positive and confident in what they do. 

An exciting part of the 2023 start was the fact that we hosted our first ever Basketball fixtures at The Ridge, very exciting. The start to the season has been very impressive with our Gr 6 and 7 boys producing fantastic results. Our Gr 5 year group has struggled but we will continue working on improving their skills and technical ability. Over half-term our first team participated in the St John’s Basketball festival producing some top performances over the weekend. They really did the school proud.

Our Cricket season has produced some fine results and then also some disappointing results. There have been some really outstanding performances during the season. Our Gr 3 and Gr 5 sides have had phenomenal seasons. We have had 3 centuries scored in the Gr 5 A side this season:

  • Ben Carmichael – 105 not out and 112
  • Robert Walker – 125

Our 1st team participated in the annual Prep Schools Cricket Festival hosted by St Stithians this year. The boys applied themselves well even though the results didn’t go our way. 

Our 3 Swimming teams have been competitive, and the boys have been training hard. The boys have punched well above their weight during Friday galas and our boys have shown consistent improvement as the season has progressed. The boys will be representing The Ridge at the Inter-School gala on 15 March, and we wish them well for this event.

The Water Polo season has been a good one for The Ridge, especially considering we don’t have a Polo pool to train in. The Water Polo tour to Knysna was thoroughly enjoyed by our boys. They learnt a lot and was seen as a building phase for next year as we sent a Junior side. Our Junior sides have had a good season and have shown good development as the season has progressed. Our Junior A side has really impressed with some fantastic performances during the season. The Senior sides have also shown great improvement throughout the season after a rocky start. The first side participated in the KEPS Festival this past weekend and can be exceptionally proud of their performance, finishing 3rd out of the 12 participating teams. Our boys won 6 of the 8 games they played. 

Below is a table of the overall results for the various sporting codes this season.

By Bennie Du Preez


Genuine kindness and understanding the power of giving have been at the core of my experiences at our school this term. Warm welcomes, sincere offers of assistance and meaningful conversations, have made this incredibly busy term positive. There is no doubt that our community can and will work as a catalyst in helping others have a sense of self-worth. We exist in a community that not just embraces fairness and belonging but one which seeks it; that has been stimulating. Meeting and connecting with boys, staff and parents has been fulfilling and has cultivated connections which will be beneficial for the strengthening of all our intentions and visions. 

Partnerships and various initiatives have already started taking shape and we should be able to see the value of these as the year progresses. It has been encouraging to see the success yielded by initiatives such as Happy Chappie, where boys are starting to reflect deeply and positively about what their interactions bring to our school. We have, with the help of the Marketing Team, started to embrace and celebrate various significant days throughout the term and boys have been central in sharing those messages with our community. World Social Justice Day, International Mother Language Day, Human Rights Day were all recognised in meaningful ways.

We need to embolden our boys to be better thinkers. Through better thoughts, we can action better ideas, therefore to that end, we are finalising our Student Social Justice Committee, which will continue ensuring that boys can, from their points of view, share what it means to belong in enduring ways to our school. Partnerships with other schools and stakeholders have been formed and I trust that these will be central in ensuring that The Ridge School continues being one that values the dignity of each person and respects all that is around us.

“For every one pupil who needs to be guarded from a weak excess of sensibility there are three who need to be awakened from the slumber of cold vulgarity. The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles but to irrigate deserts. The right defence against false sentiments is to inculcate just sentiments. By starving the sensibility of our pupils, we only make them easier prey to the propagandist when he comes. For the famished nature will be avenged and a hard heart is no infallible protection against a soft head.” C.S Lewis

By Songezo Malangeni


With the excitement of a new year, Visual Art classes are giving our boys much opportunity for expression, experimentation, thinking and building. Boys are developing in so many directions through these weekly classes. 

Our Grade 4s have expanded their historical knowledge and empathy by understanding what it was like to live in different places and times. They have done this through 2 projects this year. By discovering South African Cultural houses, boys improved their skills in using tone, texture and pattern techniques. Colour experiments, symmetry and design formed the skills component of their second project, based on Ndebele wall art. 

Grade 5 boys have enjoyed their forays into the concept of flight. By looking into deep space and imagining undiscovered worlds, boys responded to classical music pieces through gestural painting. This risk-taking exercise resulted in unique space-scapes. They then built their confidence through three-dimensional modelling work using clay and designing beautiful beetles frozen in flight. 

Grade 6 boys are intrigued by the challenge to deepen their journey into the art of communicating through image. By looking at the Pop Artists of the 1950’s they are learning that art is not made in isolation but is a response to the bigger context of society. Their Onomatopoeia posters are a nod to these past artists and are also significant expressions of individualism. Skills such as colour theory and brush control were exercised. The 6s are also embarking on meditative paper tube artworks, in the form of Mandalas. Through this project boys are learning about mindfulness and the significance of small deeds. 

Our Grade 7s, between sports tours and matches, High School interviews and experience days, have been looking at the development of contemporary South African Art, against our unique historical backdrop. They produced striking drawings inspired by William Kentridge, making marks with charcoal (an additive process) as well as erasers (a subtractive process). Boys have also been working in teams to research a South African artist. This project has challenged the teams to flip the classroom and teach their peers. Doing so has developed their curiosity and opened a space for their authenticity to emerge. The project is also a subtle connection to building community.

By Nicci Kurz


Senior Primary

We welcome Mr Loyiso Mashawa to the Lighthouse team this year. Mr Masawa started working with the Grade 4 boys in both English and Maths, and will be supporting our boys with the RAVE-O reading programme from Term 2. Mr Masawa joins us from the Eastern Cape where he worked extensively in a remedial school environment. He is passionate about inclusive education and seeks to ensure that children who are differently abled are able to cope in a mainstream school environment.

This year, learning support was extended into Grade 6 Maths classes for the first time at The Ridge School. Ms Claire Lord is co-teaching Maths with Mr McLachlan, Mr Pherane and Mr Verster from Monday to Wednesday, and she has a small focus group on Fridays to consolidate the work done during the week. Ms Lord also supports the Grade 5 boys with Maths.

Ms Penny Meyer has two small focus groups in Grade 5 and 6 that she teaches from Monday to Friday for the boys who learn differently.

Junior Primary

Mrs Melissa Smith, is our Maths specialist in the Junior Primary, supporting the Grade 2s and 3s. Mrs Smith teaches Maths focus groups, where she uses exciting and innovative ways of assisting the boys who struggle and uses concrete and relevant teaching methods to challenge those boys who are strong on Maths concepts. Mrs Smith also supports our Grade 2 and 3 boys who need additional reading support through the RAVE-O reading programme.

Mrs Zoë von Klemperer, is our Reading and Literacy specialist who supports our Grade 2s and 3s through RML reading in a smaller focus group. Mrs von Klemperer has a vast knowledge of various reading programmes and interventions to support our boys, so that they receive early intervention to address any reading delays. 

By Penny Meyer



  1. Why is problem-solving in Maths important?

Maths problem solving is not just about learning Maths; it is about learning how to think critically, how to analyse and solve problems, and how to communicate effectively. These are all crucial skills that are essential for success in any field of study or work. Furthermore, Maths problem solving in primary schools can have a positive impact on children’s self-esteem and confidence. When children are able to solve complex problems, they feel a sense of accomplishment and are more likely to take on new challenges in the future. This can lead to increased motivation and a greater sense of purpose in life.

Moreover, maths problem solving is a fun and engaging activity that can help children develop a love of learning. It encourages them to explore and discover new concepts and ideas, and to use their creativity and imagination to come up with innovative solutions to problems.

  • “Smarties for Smarties” Challenge- Problem of the Week

Every week, boys are given a Maths problem to solve, and the best solution wins a box of smarties. Here are some examples of questions that were given to the boys. Why don’t you give them a go:

  • How many triangles, of all sizes, are there in this figure below?
  • Ten points are spaced equally around a circle. How many different chords can be formed by joining any 2 of these points? (A chord is a straight line joining two points on the circumference of a circle.)
  • Interhouse Maths (Pi Day Challenge)

In honour of “International Pi Day”, we held a fun mathematics competition as an Interhouse event on Tuesday 14th of March. The Grade 4s and 5s competed in a Grand Prix multiplication challenge, which tested their speed and accuracy with their multiplication number facts. Number facts are the building blocks of mathematical understanding and fluency. They are essential for children to be able to solve more complex problems quickly and accurately. The Grade 6s and 7s competed in a Quizziz, going head-to-head to solve Maths Olympiad style questions. Cheales House was the overall winner. There was an electric atmosphere in the Nicolson Hall for this event, and it was quite unique to watch boys attempting to solve Maths problems whilst being cheered on with House war cries.

  • South African Mathematics Foundation Maths Challenge

The South African Mathematics Foundation (SAMF) Maths Challenge is an annual national mathematics competition that aims to promote mathematics as an important subject and to help learners improve their problem-solving skills. The challenge is open to learners in grades 4 to 7 in South Africa and consists of three rounds: the 1st round in March, the second round in May, and the third round in September. Congratulations to the 79 Ridge boys who qualified for the second round this year.

  • Tour de Maths

Tour de Maths is a termly Inter-school Mathematics Competition for Grade 6 and 7 learners, which focuses on collaboration and problem solving. Students compete in groups of four – a pair from one school is grouped with a pair from another school, and then the fun begins. The next Tour de Maths event will be taking place at St. Peter’s Girls Prep on Thursday 27th of July. Next term there will be a new club slot opening up on a Tuesday afternoon from 2pm until 3pm for any boys that are interested in further developing their Maths problem solving skills. Boys that participate in this club will then be eligible to be selected for The Ridge team that will represent our school at Tour de Maths competitions.

By Daniel McLachlan


Grade 0 is a vital and exciting year for our Ridge Boys. The atmosphere in the classroom this term provided a happy secure environment for the transition from nursery school into the formal disciplines of learning to read and write. The aim throughout the term has been to provide an informal, happy atmosphere where boys have been encouraged to participate fully in all activities. 

Grade 0 at The Ridge stimulates knowledge and understanding of the world through direct personal experience. These experiences are provided in a progressive sequence through several activities: structured or unstructured, informative or creative, active or quiet, indoor or outdoor, alone and in groups.

Term 1 has been full of different learning experiences, in English, Mathematics, Life Skills, Music, Afrikaans, Zulu, Technology, Cricket and Swimming. The Grade 0 boys have been learning all about themselves, their bodies, their friends, their families, The Ridge School, the world around us, healthy living, Seasons and Easter. 

Our Speech & Language therapists and Grade 0 class teachers, designed a kid friendly Literacy programme, tailored to suit the needs of our little boys. The programme was designed to teach them everything they need to know about English. It was constructed to make learning interesting, engaging, and memorable. To date the Grade 0 boys have learnt all about the letters t i n p and s, what sounds they make, and how to identify them. They have learnt how to write these letters, blend these sounds, and read simple cvc words. They made iced tea, painted with ice-lollies, made edible nests, enjoyed a Pirate Picnic and built spiders that can spring. The boys have been working on their rhyming skills and phonological awareness, through fun and interesting activities too. 

Mathematics lessons in Term 1 aimed to develop understanding by providing boys with opportunities to explore concepts using concrete mathematical apparatus and learning through play. Experiential exploration and problem-solving added depth to the integration of knowledge and skills. Our boys love counting to our 100 days of school Celebration, which is done every morning, before the day begins. They have also enjoyed learning new maths games like Caterpillar counting, Zingo and Dice-Roll-and-Colour. 

Mrs Ackerman, has been very hard at work teaching the Grade 0 boys all about appreciation for Music, memorisation, creativity, self-expression and communication, as well as perceptual and physical skills needed to enjoy the art of Music. The Grade 0 boys even got to perform in their very first concert for Grandparents Day, on the 10th of March, and what a spectacular performance it was.

In PE the boys have been learning how to swim, and all the basics of Cricket. Watch this space, some amazing sportsmen in the making! They have enjoyed participating in the extramural programme too. 

What an exciting, fun filled term it has been. Our Grade 0 boys have had a very happy term, finding their feet and settling into “big school”. We look forward to Term 2 and all that it brings. 

By Ashley Keene


A Grade 2 boy typically enters the classroom with a bag which is heavier than he is and anxious about the expectations which lie ahead of him. This year could not have started any differently. The boys entered the classroom tall and proud, comfortable, and content with where they were. We began our academic year by acquainting ourselves with our new class family and our surroundings. The characteristics of the ideal Ridge Boy were a great point of discussion as we all settled in. 

While the boys learnt about patterning and sequencing, they had the opportunity to redesign a school bathroom for their first PBL (Project- Based Learning) lesson. The process behind their creations was magnificent and indicative of the potential which little ones have to problem solve. With rotation stations done in small groups to learn about concepts such as Doubling and Halving as well as 2D shapes, learning at The Ridge is always fun!

Term 1 was full of adventure and excitement. In celebration of Shrove Tuesday, a few of our fantastic parents arrived to treat the boys to delicious pancakes as they learnt about the significance and history of the day. This support was echoed at both cricket fixtures at The Ridge and St. Peters respectively. It was such a joy to watch the boys play in teams against other schools for the very first time! Dress up days truly are an anticipated time for the boys. This term we were lucky enough to have the Valentines Day dress up with a touch of red, the book character dress up for our Reading Breakfast as well as Flip Flop Friday for CHOC. All this excitement was topped off with the annual LUMO dance which was filled with good music, crazy dance moves and delicious food!

Finally, the much awaited Big Red Bus outing arrived. It was all that it promised to be! The boys had a wonderful time touring around Johannesburg. Viewing the city from high up and learning about our history gave them a real appreciation for the wonderful place they live in. What a thrilling way to start 2023. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds!

By Jhulan Govan


We had an exciting start to the Grade 3 year. Term 1 is all about the boys getting to know each other and themselves. We explored these topics through our Mr Men Theme. Boys ended this fabulous learning opportunity with a special Mr Men Dress- Up Day. They outdid themselves with outrageous costumes and their take on each character. 

Chinese New Year celebrations were very much part of our preparations and the boys enjoyed delicious noodles and White Rabbit sweets. 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit with special emphasis on the tender and loving characteristics of this creature.

Valentine’s Day was also a highlight. Boys painted their own Valentine’s cookies with edible food colouring. They showed their gratitude by designing a special card for someone dear to them, with the words ‘Thank You!’ on it. What a special activity!

A week before half-term boys celebrated Shrove Tuesday and enjoyed tasty pancakes and attended the Ash Wednesday Service with our Sister Schools.

The boys also visited The Hope School and learned all about being different and to persevere when challenges arise. They enjoyed the walk there and the interaction with the Hope School pupils was something special to observe.

Term 1 has been entertaining from World Book Day to Easter Breakfast and it was wonderful to see how our boys excelled in sports, music and academics. They are in a ‘happy place’ and have truly grown in these last 3 months.

By Carmin Groenewald


What an exciting first term it has been! Together, the staff and the boys have been getting to grips with all the new adventures that were waiting for us in the senior prep!

The year started with Orientation Week where we took time to understand the new subjects, the more varied routine and unpacking what being “senior” meant. We ended the first week with games in the form of “Minute to Win it”. This provided us an opportunity to get to know each other and work collaboratively.

The capping ceremony was very special and meant we were definitely part of the Senior Prep. As one boy commented, “Now we look like business men”

With the new sporting codes available, boys were involved in canoeing, climbing and waterpolo if they chose that sporting code. The boys certainly rose to the occasion with their organisational skills and understanding that some resilience is needed when tackling new things. It was also the first time away on a sporting tour for some boys. The cricket teams that went away did us proud!

During that week the boys that remained at school, were involved in a Mathematics project that required groupwork and cooperation. We ended the week with a marshmallow braai.

It was not only about the sport though! The boys have enjoyed the science elements of the Grade 4 curriculum , learning about our country and about living things. Growing beans was not an easy task for some, while others seemed to have found “Jack’s magic beans” producing very strong plants.

This has been a whirlwind of a term with many new opportunities coming our way! We are so looking forward to more of the same next term (did somebody say “Science Expo”).

By Di Wellard


Term One has been an exciting period of discovery learning for the Grade Five Ridge boys and staff alike. It has proven to be an extremely busy time for the boys with a good balance of academic learning, social development, and sport. Some boys have already participated in their first cricket and water polo tours.

This year saw a brand-new Grade Five teaching team, with Brett Smeath-Thomas, Akhona Mtshabe and myself. We were also very fortunate to welcome five new Ridge boys to the grade. 

Grade Fives were introduced to Project Based Learning (PBL) for the first time where they learn by being actively engaged in real-world projects. Their driving question focused on the preservation of the environment. They started with animal study in the school environment, visited the Johannesburg Zoo to observe animals in their habitats and continued onto plant study, where they have planned and designed their own vegetable gardens.

On the technology front, the boys each have their own iPad and are becoming more skilled with Google Classroom as a learning platform and digital citizenship in Digital Literacy. 

In Mathematics, all Grade Five boys wrote the AMESA Challenge for 2023, which is based on conceptual knowledge, the application of knowledge in new situations, problem solving, reasoning, communication and general mathematical thinking. 

Three Grade Five boys represented The Ridge School at the Interschool Chatterbox evening. They were tasked with presenting their prepared speeches and did us proud!

“Learning allows us to make sense of the world around us, the world inside of us and where we fit within the world.”  This is so true about our Grade Five, first term, experience.  

 By  Maresce Opperman


The Grade 5s PBL ( Project Base Learning), were excited to continue their Enviro Gardens and voluntarily arrived early to school to take care of their gardens. The ever-so-energetic Grade 1s, were there to support and watch how gardening is done.


Marimba practice is always a vibe, with boys showing off their dance moves and having fun.


The Grade 3’s had an Easter picnic and made an Easter egg wreath with St Katherines in the Nicolson Hall. Thank you to our sister school for visiting.


The Grade 3s celebrated Chinese New Year and had a special ‘Noodle Day’, on Thursday represents long Life


To end of the the first month of school the Grade 7 boys are learning new a hip hop routine


Congratulations to Michael Retief who represented the Johannesburg Metro Chess A Team in the under 10s. He received a trophy for winning all of the team event games, as well as first place in the wildcard individual event.


The first weekend back has a full slate of sporting events. From Grade 0’s dads and lads to swimming, water polo, cricket, and basketball, to name a few sports, congratulations boys for always showing up and proudly representing The Ridge.


We’d like to congratulate all the Grade 7’s who got awarded heads of houses, heads of spirit and their vice-captains. May this be a year of fierce competition and good spirit.


The boys have started their first couple of weeks in Grade 1 with a bang! Entering the more formal learning environment can be a bit daunting at first, but they’ve rallied and are feeling more confident in their new space. As teachers, we are very proud of our little chaps and we know that they are going to go from strength to strength!



Congratulations to the Grade 4’s on their capping ceremony as we welcome you to the senior school. A special commendation to the Grade 7 inductees for 2023. We are proud of your achievements and look forward to the next phase of your academic journey.


Mr. Frank Rumboll, Mr. Songezo Malangeni, and Dr. Glynnis Moore also welcomed the boys on the first day of school. Wishing all the boys an amazing year full of learning and great accomplishments.


We are very excited to be launching this initiative called “The Happy Chappie” initiative. So, this t-shirt was found in the last property section by one of our parents, and we thought we’d put it to good use. So “Happy Chappie” is basically aimed at giving children the opportunity to start thinking about justice, dignity, and community building at an age-appropriate level.

We decided to create it around happiness, and happiness is, usually centered around, you, which is important, we’ve also decided to add on, go beyond and encourage children to start thinking about what they are considering the happiness of those around them and so we are going to be focusing on “The Happy Chappie” project, with our Grade three boys in the junior prep.

Every week on the same day we’re going to pick out a name and the boy is going to get to take the Happy Chappie t-shirt home, what he has to do is reflect on his own happiness for that week and how he can inflict happiness on the community around him and then when he comes back to school the next week and explain
how he has experience happiness in his community.

So, we are really excited to see what happiness looks like to our Grade three boys. Thank you so much, Mr. Malangeni for the wonderful idea and we look forward to growing the Happy Chappie at The Ridge. Thank you.

Thank you very much for the indeed, Mr Malangeni.  I’ll call on to you, Happy Chappie, to please subscribe. The Ridge School where boys are known and grown.


The Grade 0 boys have officially started their Literacy and Phonics programme. They have been very busy learning about the sounds that letters make and the names of letters. Their focus for the last three weeks has been on the letters “t” “i” and “p”.  They have been learning about these letters in a hands-on practical way: discovery learning, fun interactive games, baking, art and molding playdough.  They made ice-tea, they painted with ice-lollies and popped popcorn. They made some creative bubble letter art using tea, ink and pasta.


The Grade 0 boys have been having lots of fun in their new school environment, learning all about themselves, and their friends with the theme “All About Me”.  They have been painted, drawed, created and designed faces, portraits, body image pictures and gorgeous art pieces to fill the classroom walls. They have learnt all about their new school and their classrooms. They visited Mr Rumboll in his office and Mrs Ferrar in her office, they got to hear all about what they do for our school. They took a tour of the school and drew a picture of their favourite spot at The Ridge.


Our annual High Schools Expo was met with great success. 13 High Schools from around the country had an opportunity to showcase the amazing schools to our boys. We had 10 of 13 High schools which had time to present their schools to boys and parents for 30mins which included time for Q & A’s.


Mr Rumboll held a special Valentine’s tea for all the amazing staff

Valentine’s Day was spent celebrating the spirit of love. Mr Rumboll greeted the parents in the school parking lot with a coffee and cookie together with a gift from Clarins. The boys wore a dash of red with their school uniform. What a lovely morning it was.


Melody, Harmony, Rhythm and Dynamics are the four elements of music. From the jazz band to the choir, orchestra and marimbas, there’s something for everyone. The boys brought it all together by practising every day to perfect their skills. Keep up the great work boys


Congratulations to the boys listed below for proudly flying The Ridge badge and excelling. Razeen Varachia: Having saved money for the past two years, he decided to buy some lunch boxes and stationery to donate to the nearby underprivileged school. On Sunday, Joseph Ellis swam the midmar mile and finished in 33 minutes and 56 seconds. Gareth Jones: Over the weekend, he competed in the Gauteng Open Judo competition. He finished second in his age group and received a silver medal. He is extremely proud.



Congratulations to our Music leaders for 2023.
Lesiba Sekele is the deputy head of marimbas, and Thomas Naude is the head of marimbas. The orchestra is led by Leo Bruinders, who is assisted by Nick Goussard and Imran Budlender. Jeremy Allen leads the jazz band, which also includes William Mackenzie and Leo Bruinders. Sergio Da Silva is the choir’s head and Owame Dube and Tau-Sachin Kgaboesele are his deputies. Bradley Legg is the Amtoti leader. Zachary Pretorius and Thor Tipping are the Music assistants


Congratulations to our 2023 sports captains and vice captains.
Tau-Sachin Kgaboesele is the basketball captain, Nick Goeller is the swimming captain, Spencer Gilchrist is the swimming vice-captain, Leo Bruinders is the water polo captain and vice-captain for basketball,  Jonathan Steyn is the water polo vice-captain, Luke Hartmann is the cricket captain, and Iain Thomson is the cricket vice-captain.




And as always; it is the people who make the ‘party’!Even the birds came out to celebrate our first Neon Night Run at our school!


Mr Rumboll and Mrs Ferrar led a lesson with the Grade 7 and Grade 1 boys who were twinned up and tasked to discover something on our koppie. The experience bonded our older and younger boys and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. All The Ridge attributes were on proud display. Well done, Grade 7 and Grade 1 boys.


The boys, parents and staff come out in large support for the “race the boat” fundraiser for Salvazione during the month of love and giving back. Mr Daniel McLachlan and Mr Mark Schroeder ran the cross-country route with a K2 boat for 2km. Congratulations to all of the boys who took part and beat the boat.