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CELEBRATING Afrikaans day

The Afrikaans department commemorated Afrikaans day last week Friday. This day is celebrated every year on 8 May. Afrikaans is a very young language and at one point South Africans referred to it as “kombuistaal” and it was not seen as a prestigious language. Afrikaans only became an official language on 8 May 1923, Afrikaans is now 96 years old.

The Grade 5’s commemorated the day by hosting the prolific and famous Afrikaans writer Jaco Jacobs. Jaco is a best selling children’s writer in South Africa and his books are prescribed at government and IEB schools. He has won numerous awards and has written more than 180 books, two of which have been turned into films and many of his books have been translated into different languages.  The Ridge was honoured to be able to host him virtually in the Nicolson Hall. Boys also had an opportunity to purchase books on the day.

eid talk BY grade 3 BOYS

The grade 3s had an Eid and Ramadan talk last Friday. The Muslim boys shared their different experiences with the rest of the grade and then gave us a taste of their dates and milkshake. The boys really enjoyed it.


During the first week of term, the Grade 4s worked on a ‘Healthy Eating’ project during which they worked in groups to carry out surveys, created graphs and designed a menu for a day. The results were delicious, if not always that healthy!

Senior Library

The Ridge School Senior Library is excited to share our new colour-coded genres.

We are in the process of adding coloured stickers to different genres to make it easier to spot the genres that our readers prefer. We have also merged some of our genres together in order to get boys to cross over into previously-not-preferred (in their minds at least) genres. Series are now in easily accessible containers to make finding the next book in the series so much easier.

Although we are nowhere near finished, we are hoping that the boys will be as excited as we are once the library is fully opened again.

In the meantime… don’t forget to reserve books online, as per the instructions on the R4M Google Classrooms (grade 4-7).

grade 2 boys SHOWING RIGHT stuff

Amila Malevu showing the Right Stuff by sharing his umbrella with Mason Diana.



Our grade 0 moms were invited to join their boys for a Mother’s Day tea. The boys had an opportunity to have some memorable moments with their mom at school, a very special day.

ascension day SERVICE

survivor challenge day

Towards the end of Term 1 the Senior Prep boys took to the fields to participate in the first Ridge School Survivor Challenge. Working in teams the boys had to complete several challenges which required teamwork, problem solving and cooperation. A great day was enjoyed by all. Special thanks to Urvasi Naidoo for all her planning around the event.

soccer VS ST PETER’S

GRADE 1’s Learning about seasons

The Grade 1 boys learnt about Autumn, doubling, building words and creating beautiful cards for their special ‘Moms’. They are also enjoying their reading programme!

get to know your head of grade

Congratulations to Thomas Roy who has been awarded the Sir Henry Strakosch Scholarship (for excellence in Mathematics and Science). Well done Thomas.

coding club

Umi’Phakade Gwala – Nothrodam museum

Spencer Gilchrist – W. M Keck Observatory, Hawaii
Pranav Bhana – CN Tower Canada
Kachi Amaonwu – Golden Gate Bridge

During the First Term, as part of the Coding Club project, the boys were asked to re-create a Landmark using the Minecraft App.

They had to provide ten facts without actually telling Mr Mistry or Mrs McLellan what the landmark was. The teachers then had the exciting task of watching their final video’s and working out what the Landmark was!

The boys used their creative, fact finding, attention to detail, problem-solving and Minecraft skills for their design. They were very excited and took up the challenge with great enthusiasm.

The top four boys were:

Umi’Phakade Gwala , Pranav Bhana, Kachi Amaonwu and Spencer Gilchrist

The winner was Umi Phakade Gwala , as his attention to detail was incredible and kept us guessing for quite some time. Well done to all the boys and the concerted effort that was made.

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