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Dear Parents

With the 2nd Term now up and running, albeit remotely, the boys beginning to settle into a freshly designed and delivered online learning routine, and mums and dads hopefully being able to find time to engage in your own areas of commitment, there is a sense that the new normal is becoming a touch more acceptable.

As expected, things remain all too quiet back here at The Ridge.  We have been pleased, however, to welcome back a few key members of our support and service staff teams who, as resident members of staff, help in making up a permissible workforce complement. Some teachers, working from home, have been issued with special essential services permits that will allow them to travel through to school should they need to in the weeks ahead. Needless-to-say, we look forward to all members of staff returning in a few weeks’ time as we prepare the school to welcome your lads back.’

Our Theme for the 2nd Term is Let’s not waste this Ridge Stretch moment.

In my opening online assembly on Tuesday morning, I brought to light three key areas of stretch that the boys ought to be able to understand and bring to life for themselves. This extraordinary moment in time presents for each lad a chance to demonstrate a Physical Stretch, to embrace all that the remote, online School Work Stretch will offer up, and to make the most of how a Shining Brightly Stretch will give each boy an opportunity to share light, love and life into his immediate home environment.

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Parent Forum sessions:

As mentioned in the letter that accompanied the 2nd Term Scenario Plan last week, we look forward to being able to host online Parent Forums in the days immediately ahead. The aim being to give parents a forum through which to connect with members of the senior management team in order to share ideas, ask questions and to voice their concerns.

Please note that the forums as scheduled below are designed to address academic and curriculum related matters only. We will host parent forums to tackle broader issues as time goes on. These will include the reopening of schools conundrum and the school finances.

Bear in mind please, that it is imperative that as parents join a given forum session, they are expected to mute themselves. Too many unmuted mics will cause too much interference. An unmuted mic, as seen on my side, will indicate that a parent would like to speak. As host I will do my best to manage the forum process by looking for the unmuted icons is order to monitor and control the speaker queue. I will then invite parents to talk. The chat comment facility can also be used by parents should they wish to make a point or to ask a question using the chat medium instead.

The forums will take place between 16.00 and 17.00 on the following afternoons, please click on the link below to reserve your place, the meeting code will be emailed to you. 

  • Grade 0 (ECD) parents                            – Monday afternoon, 11th May.


  • Grade 1 and 2 parents together           – Wednesday afternoon, 13th May.


  • Grade 3 parents                                       – Monday afternoon, 18th May.


  • Grade 4 parents                                       – Thursday afternoon, 14th May.


  • Grade 5 and 6 parents together            – Tuesday afternoon, 19th May.


  • Grade 7 parents                                        – Thursday afternoon, 21st May.


In order to facilitate engaging, constructive and meaningful meetings, we will be able to host no more that 50 callers at a time. The sessions will be hosted on Google Meet.

If you have any difficulties please contact Joe Kotwal at .


News from the Music Department:

Parents will be receiving a letter from Carol Shutte, our new Director of Choral Music. The letter is written on behalf of her Music Department, and covers so much that has been planned on the music front for the days and weeks ahead. It is wonderful to officially welcome Carol to our Ridge staff team and I wish her a long and happy association with our beautiful school.

As you read about all that Carol, Irene Morrick and Leslie Elderkin have been planning, it is important to remember that Carol herself, as a new member of the team, is not only leading and managing everything from a distance, but she hasn’t even been able to spend ‘getting to know you’ time with our Ridge lads. Distance barriers notwithstanding, please reach out to her in appropriate ways.

School Shop COVID‐19 operating guidelines:

Parents have already been alerted to the fact that Sue Steyn has taken over as our new School Shop proprietor. Sue has been a mum at The Ridge for a number of years with Rory having completed Grade 7 last year and with Harry currently in Grade 4. She is married to Tim who is an old boy. Sue is eminently qualified to continue the fine practices that have provided for a very well run and managed outfit down the years. We look forward to working with Sue in the months and years ahead.

Sue has picked up the reins from Kerry Davis who has done a superb job of running and managing the School Shop for just over four years. Apart from having been blessed with a very astute, business brain, Kerry has also handled the many stresses and strains of the position with real aplomb; to the extent that she makes it all look far too easy. On behalf of The Ridge family, I would thank her for the amazing job that she has done over this extended period of time and for doing it with such a ‘labour of love’ attitude and approach.

Sue Steyn has sent out a letter to parents to introduce herself and to outline again the modified system that she and Emily Mafunise will be operating under whilst the school remains physically closed. For further details please refer to the School Shop icon on the Ridge App.

IT Helpdesk facility:

As you and your boys get back into the swing of things on the distance learning front, we are aware that boys and their mums and dads may need some assistance from time to time. With this in mind, Ashik Haripersadh, our IT Administrator, has set up a helpdesk facility. Parents can email a query to or, if in need some urgent assistance, may call the numbers below:

  • Mbulelo Ntshingana – 011 4815855 
  • Musa Zwane – 011 4815814 
  • Ashik Haripersadh – 011 4815859


A Final Word:

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Good health, warm regards and God bless


Richard Stanley



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