Dear Parents        

A warm welcome back to you all and, of course, to your boys at the start of this 2nd Term. I trust that for all the last few weeks have provided some cherished rest and relaxation time as well as a few moments for some all-important family reconnecting.

Needless-to-say, with The Ridge having been commissioned as a voting station, the delayed start of term on this Thursday morning has not been ideal but we look forward to working with the boys to make up the time lost during the last two days.

Our teaching teams have made good use of the two days. In addition to the usual whole staff and departmental meetings we have had some important professional development time together and the Exco team embarked on a full day ‘Future-proofing our School’ workshop on Tuesday this week.

The April holidays have again offered our support and maintenance teams the necessary time to make sure that everything is in good working order as we return for the winter term. On the Junior Primary front, in particular, it is good to report that the Hersov Field is now back in full operational use with all traces of building rubble having been disposed of. The rehabilitation of the Grade 1 playground area is close to being completed, and the snag list associated with the handing over of the new JP block is all but dealt with.

As expected, we can look forward to another bumper term of learning adventures for the boys and, of course, loads on the Centenary front that will keep them all warmly embraced and active under the Centenary banner.

I am taking this early opportunity to bring to your attention and, in doing so, to invite all parents to a few important Parent Upliftment and Information sessions:

  • Monday 13th May … a talk entitled Lindsay’s Legacy will be given by Penny von Oppell. Some background:

Lindsey was an outstanding high achiever at St Mary’s and continued to excel in everything she undertook during her short career, but tragically took her own life in 2016 at the tender age of 30, leaving behind a legacy.  “Be yourself, everyone else is taken” is a quote Lindsey used from Oscar Wilde for the title of an essay she wrote as part of her MBA application to Stanford University the year of her passing and is the essence behind her legacy, which encourages us all to stop being who we are not so we can then become our true authentic selves. 

Her Mom, Penny von Oppell, will share her intensely personal story and combines her medical knowledge together with personal experience as a parent, to create an awareness for other parents of danger signs that may be hidden, often due to peer pressure or for fear of jeopardizing future school aspirations. She discusses pertinent root causes behind the relentless stress, anxiety and depression that is plaguing youngsters and contributing to the sharp rise in young suicides and offers advice with how to help alleviate these symptoms.

         Please RSVP to Zodumo Zuke on zzuke@ridgeschool.co.za or 011 481 5806.

  • Wednesday 15th May … a talk by Luke Lamprecht on the subject of ‘Coping with the Digital Dilemma’ – and related anxieties. Luke has been invited to address the Grade 5 parents on this topic at 07.15 on Wednesday 15th May and will be returning later that evening to repeat his message.

Luke Lamprecht is a Child Protection and Development Specialist. He consults on a wide range of child protection issues and is a recognised authority on the subject of child protection and family counseling. He holds an MSc degree in Neurodevelopment which he was awarded from the Department of Pediatrics and Pathology at Wits University.

Luke was invited to speak to our teachers this past Monday morning. His presentation proved to be hugely empowering, enlightening and informative.

I would highly recommend that parents find time to join us here at The Ridge for both of these presentations as we kickstart the new term.

There will be lots more coming your way in the weeks and months ahead but for now I wish you all, and your boys a happy, engaging and warmly embracing winter term here at The Ridge.

Warm regards


Richard Stanley


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