The Ridge Reporter – Special edition

The Ridge School Blanket Appeal for Salvazione School

332 Blankets!

As part of The Ridge Action Day ‘learn to knit project’ in 2019, The Ridge community were challenged to create 67 blankets for Mandela Day.  Owing to the generosity of our wonderful extended Ridge family we handed over 76 blankets in July 2020!  Carolyn Steyn, the Founder of 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day appealed to our amazing community for scarves, and by September, we delivered 515 scarves, 21 more blankets, 15 beanies and 1 pair of knitted gloves!

It was decided that our challenge this Winter should be closer to home and in March 2021, we once again called on our extended Ridge family to give each pupil and staff member at Salvazione School (257) a knee rug.  The blanket barometer took on a life of it’s own, as the overwhelming generosity and kindness from our beautiful community poured in.  I am delighted to tell you that we have our 257 blankets and they will be delivered to Salvazione this week, the extra 75 blankets will go to the Princess Alice Adoption Home.

We are overjoyed by this outpouring of warmth and love from our remarkable community and take this opportunity to thank you all sincerely for your continued support towards this worthwhile and important endeavour to keep the boys and girls at Salvazione warm in their classrooms.

A project of this nature needs to be driven and managed and, above all requires someone with a visionary, and compassionate spirit who is dedicated to keeping the spirit of giving alive.  On behalf of all, my sincere thanks to Liz Wallis who has not only demonstrated passion and energy in support of breathing life into this worthy cause, but has herself knitted a few blankets.  Your inspiration dear Liz, is contagious.

Thank you to all who have contributed and through your generosity will bring warmth and light into the lives of children this Winter.

Bless you all.



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