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Ridgie welcomed back our parents and boys in spectacular fashion.

and, of course our staff too…


The new Junior Prep building is open for business…


it looks lovely but it’s missing a few teachers and boys doing their learning thing…



We also welcomed our newest and littlest Ridge Boys to the family.


Not to mention how proud we are of our Old Boys on their first day of college.


Don’t forget to join us for the big Centenary Launch and Parade tomorrow morning. Boys to arrive by 08:15, the service will begin at 09:00, followed by the Parade at 09:45.

screenshot 2019-01-25 at 13.33.49

Next week The Ridge will be hosting a High Schools Expo. With 18 schools from around the country in the Nicolson Hall. All our Ridge families are welcome as it is never too early to shop around for the perfect fit.

screenshot 2019-01-25 at 09.00.15


Other upcoming events to note:

Please consult the app for more detail. 

Reminder: On the calendar function on the app you are able to select an event and then have it saved to your personal calendar.  

  • CRICKET vs KEPS – Wednesday 30 and Thursday 31January and Saturday 2nd February 
  • Water polo vs KEPS and St Peter’s – Thursday 31 January
  • A, B and C Swimming gala – Friday 1 February 
  • Grade 0 Coctail Party in Rose Pavilion – Tuesday 5 February 
  • Cricket vs St David’s – Wednesday 6, Thursday 7 and Saturday 8 February
  • Water polo vs St David’s – Thursday 7 February 
  • 2nd Team Water polo tour to Knysna – Thursday 7 February



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