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Dear Parents

Following what I trust has been a memorable and happy December and January holiday season, it is almost time again to dust off the school uniforms, cut and reshape your lad’s holiday hairstyles, and get to grips with books, bags and bats in preparation for the start of a Centenary year that promises to live up to all our expectations.

Gearing up:

I’m pleased to report that, following the expected recess and downtime for all members of staff, the school is in excellent working order and, as such, is in a welcome state of readiness as we approach the first day back next Wednesday, 16th January.

The recent rains provided much needed sustenance for fields, gardens and general grounds, and our estate teams have been hard at work doing what is required to make sure that all is in good working order ahead of the boys’ return. Likewise, classrooms and utility spaces are also in great shape and are ready to be populated with this year’s energetic crop of young Ridge lads.

New Junior Prep block:

We are delighted too to be able to report that our new Junior Prep block will be in full operational readiness for our eager young Grade 1, 2 and 3 boys. Whilst there is still work being done in the surrounding area outside the building, our JP teachers and the  housekeeping ladies have made sure that the teaching and learning environment will be open for normal teaching and learning from Wednesday next week.


Given that we are about to be immersed in all that the Centenary year will be bringing our way, we can all anticipate that next week will offer a good deal more than one would normally expect at the beginning of a given academic year. Whilst not wanting to betray all that is being planned for a very special 2019 school opening I am nonetheless able to alert you to the fact that the 16 January will provide a very fitting celebratory prelude in anticipation of and preparation for all that is to follow in the weeks and months ahead.

I have included another copy of the Centenary calendar towards the end of this letter as a reminder and for your interest. We will make sure to bring to light and so highlight every event and upcoming function well in advance as the weeks roll into view.

2019 Class lists:

These will be posted on The Ridge School App on Monday morning next week. Lists will also be posted on the noticeboard outside the Nicolson Hall.

Reminders and Prompts:

– the Grade 1 – 7 boys will be wearing their Summer Blues as they return to school on Wednesday morning. Grade 0 boys will wear their khakis when they are brought to school for their orientation programme.

– a reminder that the school starting time has been brought forward by ten minutes for Grade 3 – 7 boys. As such, the first bell will ring for line-up at 07:30. All Grade 3 – 7 boys should be at school by 07:25 at the latest each day, please.

– Grade 0 boys will arrive at school as per the special schedule that was communicated through to parents last year. The starting time for Grade 1 and 2 boys will remain at 07:40.

– drop-off points are as per normal with the Grade 0 and 1 boys only being dropped off in the Lawley Road carpark, the Grade 2 – 5 boys in the main carpark off Woolston Road, and the Grade 6 and 7 boys making use of the Irish Gate drop-off point.

– boys are expected to return to school with their hair neatly cut and groomed. We appeal to parents not to allow their boys to return on Wednesday with hair that is of an unacceptable length, style or colouring.

– an appeal to parents to please make sure that all clothing, sports equipment and personal belongings that your sons will be bringing to school is all clearly marked.

-The School shop hours are as follows: 07:15 to 08:00 & 13:00 to 14:00 (Monday to Friday).

-The Ridge App needs to be deleted and then reinstalled to ensure it is functioning optimally.

Dates to Diarise:

– 16 January                   First day back to school. 08:00 – Centenary Opening Assembly

– 18 January                   08:00 – History of The Ridge Assembly and Capping Ceremony

– 21 January                   18:00 – Parents’ Information Evening

– 26 January                  08:30 – Official Launch of the Centenary Celebrations                             10:00 – Unveiling of the new Junior Prep block

– 1 February                   08:00 – Right Stuff Passport Launch

“We are extremely proud to highlight that in addition to all the celebrations, we will be promoting service to our communities as a major feature for the year. Each boy at The Ridge will be issued with a “Right Stuff Passport” in which they will have to log at least 100 minutes of service to their community. In addition, on Saturday 1 June 2019 the Centenary Engagement Committee is organising for the whole school community – boys including their whole families as well as  staff – to spend time at various pre-determined charities/outreach organisations. We anticipate that this will be a very rewarding experience for all. “ – Ijeoma Solarin (PA Chair)


Sports arrangements:

Separate communiques will be going out early next week to alert parents and boys about sports arrangements being planned for the first few days of term.

I look forward to greeting and welcoming you all as we look forward to a memorable and happy return to school for your lads next week.

With best wishes


Richard Stanley

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